Website Ferretta Financial Services On-Site SEO Audit.

Website Name :- Ferretta Financial Services

Owner :- Jeff P Ferretta

Domain Stats :-

IP Address:
City:San Diego
Country Name:United States
Country Code:US US
Trust Directory listed?NO
DMOZ listed?NO
Domain history?NO


Mission :- Jeffrey Ferretta requested a audit of his website to enhance performance of it. We worked on his website to highlight the points, which can improve website search engine presence, website structure, and tracking.

Meta Properties :- Website meta properties have missing, duplicate and short or long in length issues. 

The details of each meta property is submitted to Ferretta financial services and confidential.

Fix :- Rewrite the meta properties of issues identified pages, with unique content and in between 30 characters to 65 characters in length for Titles and 70 to 156 characters in length for descriptions.


Text Formatting :-  Website have issues with text formatting, Some pages have missing H1, Some have duplicate H1’s and some pages have problem with h2 and lower tags. There are some multiple tags as well.

The details of each Text formatting errors is submitted to Ferretta financial services and confidential.

Fix :-  Rewrite the duplicate H2 tags and new unique tags for each pages explained above. There should be only 1 H1 tag each page have. We can have other tags H2, H3 , H4 in multiple. Keep the length of tag below 70 characters. 


Image Optimization :-  Website have proper images as compared to the html and text ratio. But most of website images have missing optimization, which is making them hard to index and slow to load.

Url of each image with errrors is submitted to Ferretta financial services and confidential.

Fix :- Keep the images size below 100kb.  Also write unique alt and titles attributes for images explained above. Keep the Alt text below 100 characters and titles below 70 characters.


Canonical Errors :- Website’s IP does not redirect to your site’s domain name. This could cause duplicate content problems if a search engine indexes your site under both its IP and domain name. Right now it land to a default server page, so that is no issue with duplicate content, but yes it should redirect to our websites homepage for better SEO results.

Fix:- Apply Canonicalization. Here is a complete Guide How can we do this.

Apply 301 rewriterule in your .htaccess file so that your site’s IP points to your domain name.

If your site is running on apache server, you could put these lines in your .htaccess after RewriteEngine on line:

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^
RewriteRule (.*)$1 [R=301,L]


Content :-  Website have only 15% duplicate content which is a fair thing. But we have more common content as it’s 53% which is not a good sign, We need more Unique content on pages as it’s only 32% there. One of the most common issue is coming from the inner page indexing. When we sort that I am pretty sure. Website Unique content will increase its percentage and will leads to about 60+% which is still not enough. We can add more content on the pages as our page size (source code) is 132.36 Kb and our content text size is 7.83 Kb. Our content text represents 5.92% from our webpage source code. This is a low ratio and you might need to add more content. It will also increase the amount of unique content as well. So all that will be a good sign.

Keywords Density :-  Details of each keyword is confidential and submitted to Ferretta Financial Services only. 

Keyword density between .50% to 2.50% is ideal to get rank in search results. It is fine till 3.33% which is highest in our website case. They word combinations of ideal keyword density keywords are also good to get rank in search engine. This can give you a clear idea of content we have so far and which word needs to have higher or lower % or count in the page content of website.


Fix :- Write more unique Content, Fix inner page indexing issues and use proper keyword density for our main keywords.

Urls :-  Website have some url issues as well. Most common are Urls with Underscores and use of non optimised #tags for tabs which should be a inner content of page. Also some pages have long urls, some have very short which  can be optimized to get maximum from Url structure section.

Every faulty url is submitted to to Ferretta financial services for correction.

Fix:- Remove #tag Parameters for homepage and  faqs, Replace the “_” with “-” and sort inner css and 302 redirect issue.



Plain Text Contact Info :- I found 1 email addresses in our page code. Which is as Plain text. Any e-mail address posted in public is likely to be automatically collected by computer software used by bulk emailers (a process known as e-mail address harvesting). A spam harvester can read through the pages in your site and extract email addresses which are then added to bulk marketing databases and the result is more spam in your inbox.


Fix :- Possible solutions are listed below:


  • replace the at (@) and dot (.) characters
  • replace text with images
  • use email obfuscators
  • hide email addresses using JavaScript or CSS trick




Inline CSS :- Website have inline css styles. Which make it load slow. Inline CSS styles are the CSS style we have applied out of our Stylesheet file. We need to have all CSS in the stylesheet file for better performance  example :-

<!–this HTML code with inline CSS rule:–>
<p style=”color:red; font-size: 12px”>Call Us Today</p>

<!–would became:–>
<p>Call Us Today</p>

<!–and the rule added into your CSS file:–>
p{color:red; font-size: 12px}
Fix :- Combine all CSS in a Stylesheet file. Reduce the amount of Inline CSS to reduce page size as well as to increase page speed.


age Speed :- Website load very very poor. As you see in Google Developer tool, Our home page is getting score of 52/100 for mobile devices and 71/100 for desktop and laptops. This is very poor. Google will never show us on first page with these figures. Please have a look here

Desktop Issues :-

Mobile Issues :-


Fix :- Now How can we fix It is shown under the Issues at Google Developer tools.


  1. Compressing resources with gzip or deflate can reduce the number of bytes sent over the network. Enable compression for the homepage resources to reduce their transfer size by 2.6MiB (81% reduction). Details are Given at above Desktop and Mobile links.
  2. Optimise Images, Reduce their Sizes as I explained above, Our website is not using expires headers for images. An expired tag can help speed up the serving of webpages for users that regularly visit your site and see the same images.
  3. Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content.
  4. Leverage browser caching.
  5. Minify JavaScripts, CSS and Html code.
  6. Our Website server responded in 0.86 seconds. Which is High, Reduce server response time.
  7. Prioritize visible content for desktops and sort tap issues for touch screen devices.

Test every page of website there individually and apply changes as explained by Google Developers.


W3C Errors :-  Website have many W3C errors, As I validated website homepage. I found there are  about 19 errors and 23 warnings it have. Please have a look here :-


Fix :- Most of the errors are  from Image optimisation and text formatting, As I have explained about it above, rest other errors are in code as some codes don’t have startups , some miss out the closing, end points and some double elements are open or there is already a element open and we have written one more. Every error is a most common code error. We need to format our code according to the resolution they have provided in the solution tab after error here :-


Short Content :-  There are pages is website which have a very less content. We can populate it with some content. .
As you see the page about Jeff Ferretta, Have no content in it. Just the sidebar is showing. We should add some content.

Example :- . More detailed list of pages is submitted to Ferretta Financial services Inc.

Fix:- Add atlist 300+ words content on every page like about jeff ferretta to get better exposure from search engine.